Festival Presentation

July 19 – July 22, 2018

A setting of extraordinary beauty surrounds our third Sorrento GuitarFest, a musical event dedicated to the instrument that has for centuries enchanted us with a voice of refined expressiveness, and intense palette of colors. Our festival focuses on the music and technique of Classical Guitar, giving students from all over the world an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the instrument while immersed in the beautiful town of Sorrento. Enjoy the extraordinary pleasure of a musical holiday spent in one of the most beautiful locations in the world!

The festival will run for five days, offering individual lessons, masterclasses, ensemble coaching and concerts.

Our world-renowned artist faculty includes Douglas James, Pasquale Rucco, and Piero Viti, with others to be announced.

Sorrento GuitarFest will be held in the facilities of the historical Chiesa di San Francesco.


Artist Faculty includes:

Douglas James, Pasquale Rucco, and Piero Viti


Sorrento is an ancient harbor town, the largest and most important on Italy’s famous Amalfi peninsula, where kindness and hospitality are handed down from generation to generation. Sorrento is indeed the “land of colors,” imbued with brilliant and delicate hues.

Sorrento today is a celebrated tourist destination, hosting important cultural events and serving as an ideal starting point for all regional tourist destinations, including Capri, Ischia, Naples, Herculaneum, Pompeii, Positano, and Amalfi.

Welcome, and Enjoy!!!


Visit to Pompeii

A uniquely preserved example of a Roman city dating back some 2000 years ago, Pompeii is as it is today because it was buried beneath a very thick layer of ash and pebbles without lava in 79 A.D. Although the current site was discovered in the sixteenth century, the excavation wasn’t begun until 1748 and continued systematically into the 19th century. Today, one can see the results of the extensive excavation and restoration of the ancient city. The archaeological area of Pompeii extends for about sixty-six acres, and about forty of them have been excavated. (www.pompeiisites.org) For this year, Sorrento GuitarFest is offering an excursion to the ancient city on Monday, 23 July. The cost of this excursion is not included in the festival registration fee. Participation is optional, though highly recommended!


Participation and Costs

The 2018 Sorrento GuitarFest is limited to 50 performing registrants. Tuition covers participation in all Festival activities, including masterclasses, Guitar Orchestra rehearsals, admission to the feature concerts, and performing in the final Participants Concert. The optional excursion to Pompeii, including transportation and site admission, is an additional cost of approximately 30 euros to be paid by participants who chose to go upon arrival in Sorrento.

Registrants pay a total enrollment cost of 300 euros tuition, and are responsible for their own transportation and housing.